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Circumambulating the Alchemical Mysterium by Aaron Cheak PhD

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‘One is the serpent whose poison is doubly composed’ — Cleopatra. The following piece is adapted from the introductory chapter to my book, Alchemical Traditions: From Antiquity to the Avant-Garde (Numen Books, 2013). The book is a collaborative study of Eastern and Western alchemies, featuring emerging and leading scholars of the world’s alchemical traditions. Part [...]

The Amazing Spectro-Chrome Glasses

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Finally available: Spectro-Chrome Glasses! Easy to use - 15 minutes once or twice a day are sufficient to give our body impulses that normalate1 and harmonize physiological processes. While classic Spectro-Chrome tonation2 requires a specific device and a warm room, you are more independent with Spectro-Chrome Glasses as they can be used practically anytime, anywhere.  [...]

SpectroChrome: Who has the most beautiful colors by Alexander Wunsch

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The Spectro-Chrome system is a well-elaborated chromotherapy system which was inaugurated nearly 100 years ago by Dinshah P. Ghadiali. In recent decades chromotherapy was stigmatized as esoteric humbug, but in the meantime modern photobiology has to confirm a good number of Dinshah´s findings. Blue light, yellow light, orange and red light are increasingly subject to [...]

Individuality, Embodiment, and the Anchoring of a Higher Frequency By Bernhard Guenther

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Life is becoming increasingly more complex. With the rise of the internet we have access to more information than at any other time in recorded history. Social media has connected millions of people on a global network scale. Almost anywhere one finds themselves on the planet, they can plug into the internet, look up anything they [...]

Aeroponics: Step-by-step How To

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Aquaponics is a combination of Aquaculture & Hydroponics. Water from a fish tank circulates through a grow bed delivering nutrients to plants grown there. Nitrifying bacteria convert fish wastes into plant-available nutrients.  The water in the fish-tank is filtered by the plants, giving the fish clean water to live in.  The process of Aquaponics is [...]

The fantastic story of Antoine Priore

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During 25 years, between 1950 and 1975, he cures all incurable cancers in animals, from mice until dogs thanks to the extraordinary appliances of his invention, called for revolutionizing the cancerology. Many tests on man were successful, with the decrease and sometimes with the disappearance of the tumour. There is a worrying fact, the adjustments [...]

The Philosophers Stone and Squaring the Circle by Bert Janssen

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For years I have on and off been interested in the so called Philosopher’s Stone. The Philosopher's Stone is the central symbol of the mystical terminology of alchemy, symbolizing perfection at its finest, enlightenment, and heavenly bliss. The Philosopher's Stone is the most sought-after goal in Western alchemy and for the alchemist the consummation of [...]

Biomimicry: the Future Imitation of Life

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Wind turbines inspired by schools of fish.  Drag resistant swim suits modelled after shark skin.  Anti-virus software, & Airport Scanners were all influenced by the design principles of Biomimicry.  Artificial Shark SkinThe  social & economic impact biomimicry is already having on our lives today is comparable to the impact of the industrial revolution at the [...]