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The Conspiracy of Language by Zen Gardner

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Here’s a good exercise that will help alter your conscious awareness and put punch and clarity where slosh once existed. Don’t even use the words “hope” or “believe”. Every time you’re tempted to say, write or even think these debilitating, nebulous concepts, replace “I hope” or “I believe” with “I think” or “it appears to [...]

After 14 years the Salt Water Car is finally Approved for German Roads!

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It's been held back for so long but if you are german and have a million bucks you can be driving this beauty down the street in a few months! Quant's website has details here. Unlike traditional cars that run on gasoline, the Quant e-Sportlimousine runs on an electrolyte flow cell power system made by [...]

How the Dress takes us down the Deepest Rabbit Hole of All

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It's funny how something silly can begin a journey towards something incredibly deep. Before this article is over those who are ready will begin a  journey down a rabbit hole that makes the Matrix movies look like romper room and those that aren't will just move onto the next meme. Hold onto your hats and [...]

Osiris and Isis and Squaring The Circle

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Gematria is the numerological practice of assigning numerical values to letters in order to derive values for names, words, and phrases. There are many different systems of gematria, including Hebrew/Jewish, English, Chaldean, Pythagorean, and simple gematria. For instance, in simple gematria, A=1. B=2, C=3 ... Z=26, etc. In this manner, one may draw relationships between [...]

MC Escher’s Art of Mathematical Adventure

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Maurits Cornelis Escher (1898-1972) is one of the world's most famous graphic artists. His art is enjoyed by millions of people all over the world, as can be seen on the many web sites on the internet. He is most famous for his so-called impossible constructions, such as Ascending and Descending,Relativity, his Transformation Prints, such [...]

Mushrooms: Ancient Wisdom Rescues Modern Humanity by Jefferey Jaxen

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As humanity becomes more conscious to the language of nature, it is clear that mushrooms in their many forms come in peace and are here to help. The uses, benefits, and applications of mushrooms currently seem to be limitless cutting across all industries, cultures and modalities. Embraced by the medical community, gardeners, architects, spiritualist, religions [...]

The Aether is Real. Absolute Scientific proof

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"The effect [of ether-drift] has persisted throughout. After considering all the possible sources of error, there always remained a positive effect." — Dayton Miller (1928, p.399)"My opinion about Miller's experiments is the following. ... Should the positive result be confirmed, then the special theory of relativity and with it the general theory of relativity, in its current [...]

How Plants Repel Insects by Oscar Morand

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I will always remember this day, as my first day actually witnessing a practical understanding of the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization and the Trophobiosis Theory of Francis Chaboussou. Before sharing with you my experience, I would like to introduce myself and where I stand at the time of writing this article. My name is [...]

Met Nikola Tesla’s Brillaint Cousin Nikola J Terbo

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Nikola Tesla left behind a great legacy and several gifted descendants. One of whom was Nikola John Terbo who was also a brilliant inventor. Not many know of him and his long and dignified career but here he is. NIKOLA JOHN TRBOJEVICH (NICHOLAS J. TERBO) 1886-1973 Mathematician, inventor and perhaps the best-known gear expert of [...]