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The Secret of Light by Walter Russell

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"Light cannot be seen, it can only be known. Light is still. The sense of sight cannot respond to stillness. That which the eyes “feel” and believe to be Light is but wave motion simulating the idea of Light. Like all things else in this electric wave universe the idea of Light cannot be produced. [...]

TBT: Weather Engineering on the High Plains (1989)

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Weather Engineering on the High Plains by Michael Theroux from The Journal of Borderland Research, Vol. XLV [1989] It may come as no surprise that this will not  be a how-to article explaining all of the tactics involved in modifying weather.  Also, you won't see numerous charts and graphs revealing the success of the operator [...]

The Tip of the Light Saber by Neil Kramer

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Steiner, Gurdjieff, Manly P. Hall, Alan Watts and may other teachers said many great things but also screwed things up, were flawed characters, imperfect men like me and you. So they screwed up, got things wrong at times and they made mistakes just like everybody else….but at the same time they had this incredible capacity [...]

Geometry of the Matrix we live in by Caleb Thomas

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The math and geometry of the Universe, Galaxy, Planets, Stars, The Great Pyrimid, And the Human Body. As Above So Below. New Perspectives on the Great Pyramid Extracts: The purity of the indicated space above the physical top of the Pyramid is not of this world. Each individual must recreate its existence. It is [...]

Why Water is the Most Mysterious Substance on Earth

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"Just as with the film "What The Bleep" , "WATER" shows us through science that our thoughts have an effect on our external reality. Imagine the possibilities when people realize their own potential for creativity. Films like this give me hope that there is an emergence of collective intelligence that can solve the problems of [...]

A New Perspective on the Great Pyramids by Bernard Pietsch.

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There are no scholarly footnotes to the following exposition on the message of the Great Pyramid. There is no appeal to historical analysis, archaeological tradition, nor extra terrestrial intervention. The only documentation offered is the stones of the Pyramid themselves; their placement, dimensions and geometry are the sole demonstration. Our objective will be to liberate [...]

Mathematics Gone Mad by Caleb Thomas

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Unfortunately, the mathematicians have misconstrued the figures, axioms, and definitions of Geometry, and used them inconsistently. This is not a case where we merely need to tweak the process a little bit or erase the board completely and start over. It is rather an impossible task. Geometry is a surrealistic discipline that purports to describe [...]

The Lost Tapes 1 – Aetheric Forces & Hierarchies

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These tapes have been lost for over 70 years. First recorded after world war two before private meetings of the inner circle of the anthrosophical society by an unknown speaker these tapes are now fir the first time being made available to the public. Thank Thomas Joseph Brown for this amazing find. Many deep truths [...]

Self Work Begins with Body Work by Bernhard Guenther

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An essential part of self-work is about getting in touch with our bodies. Living in a world with ever increasing technology and computerization we have become more and more disconnected from our bodies. We stare at a computer screen more than ever before, professionally or at home. We are glued to our smartphones. Children spend [...]

Master of Lucid Dreams by Olga Kharitidi

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"I am going to talk about death. It is not something many people like to talk about. Do you know why? There is a fear we all feel. They say it is fear of the unknown. I say it is fear of the known, but not realized consciously. When we go through life, the traumas [...]