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Thoughts on Electricity, Magnetism, and the Vortex by Caleb Thomas

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“First be an electrician. Know the electric current if you wish to control people, matter, or your destiny.” -Russell To start… I am not an electrical engineer nor have I studied this type of engineering(actually glad that I haven’t been tainted haha). [...]

One of Tesla’s Rarest Lectures – Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Potential and High Frequency

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A must read for those ready to dive deep. Diagrames included. Thanks to Nasa Nate for the find! -May the Force be with you

Electric Car Powered by Salt Water: 920 hp, 373 Miles/Tank

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It's finally here folks and it is LEGIT. Tesla eat your heart out, the Germans have created an electrical car powered by salt water. It has four electric engines and is FAST with some pretty sweet fuel economy for a sports car. [...]

Sailing Beyond Knowledge with Trevor James Constable

By | 2017-05-08T18:03:52+00:00 November 15th, 2014|Uncategorized| Carlita is honored to have a very special guest, a legendary pioneer for engineering the ether- Trevor James Constable. Visit Trevor's Airborne Etheric Rain Engineering website is at Trevor James Constable, originally from New Zealand, worked in the merchant marines [...]

Exploration Science is Now a part of AetherForce

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Michael Theroux, the former director of Borderlands Sciences Research Foundation has gifted to the people. Hundreds of masterful articles and 1.7 gigs of free PDF books, many of which are VERY RARE, ARE are all FREE. Here is a true treasure [...]

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