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How Fluorescent Light Works

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  Fluorescent probes enable researchers to detect particular components of complex biomolecular assemblies, such as live cells, with exquisite sensitivity and selectivity. The purpose of this introduction is to briefly outline fluorescence principles and techniques for newcomers to the field. The Fluorescence Process Fluorescence is the result of a three-stage process that occurs in certain [...]

8 Water Experiments you can Do right now!

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The Work of Dr. Pollack is showing us all that water holds the key to so many things and is the cornerstone of the new age of science. His amazing book the 4th phase of water explains in detail why these experiments work. Let's get started. 1. The Water Illusion What you need: [...]

The ESP of Edgar Cayce

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The Readings' Approach to ESP and Psychic Phenomena The story of Edgar Cayce's life is filled with examples of what this extra sense of communication is like. His ability to give readings in the sleep state could be labeled ESP because he somehow knew information that he had never studied, and he could see people [...]

Making Informational Copies Using Water

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Scientific experiments are profoundly influenced by conventional academic theories and practices. At first glance technological innovation appears to be a steady stream of incremental advances, where each discovery is built upon the last. If we examine the notion of incremental "scientific breakthrough" it seems an agreeable enough idea until we consider that it does not [...]

On making critical comments on a discussion: by D. D. James

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The main criteria to keep in mind especially when engaged in a discussion about the physical sciences, has got to be to maintain a subjective, in the sense of an independent, frame of mind. From the point of view of mathematical genius, intuitiveness of mind, clear thinking, integrity, openness to new ideas and sheer ability [...]

The Dogmatism of Science by Ms. Bloomfield Moore

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Henry Thomas  Buckle, in a paper read at the weekly evening meeting of the Royal Institution of Great Britain, Friday, March 19th, 1858, said that" an exclusive employment of the inductive philosophy was contracting the minds of physical  inquirers and gradually shutting out speculations respecting causes and entities; limiting the student to questions of distribution, [...]

Gestalt Aether Theory : The Aether by D.D. James

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Why Gestalt Aether Theory ? Trying to find a name for the new ideas that were emerging on the nature of light, was quite problematic, because the name would ideally have to be unbiased and at the same time give some idea of what the theory was about. I had originally thought in terms of [...]

Gestalt Aether Theory : Max Planck by D.D. James

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Measuring Planck’s Constant Max Planck (1858-1947) was born in Kiel Germany and attended schools in Munich and Berlin. Planck was an early pioneer in the field of quantum physics. He had been commissioned by electric companies to create maximum light for a minimum amount of power. For his research he used the concept of black body [...]

The Power of Yin & Yang

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Chi, prana, orgone, aether.. whatever you call it, there is something unseen that acts as a medium which we can channel. Life force energy, also known as chi or prana, is found in everything. This subtle and pervasive energy is said to be the vital building block of all matter and creation, both physical and [...]

Confronting Color – The Art of Mark Rothko

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We here at Aerforce are not fans of modern art... but none can deny the pure primal power of color and one artist weilded this power without mercy, Mark Rothko. Goethe would spend some time with this work. The fact that alot of people break down and cry when confronted with my pictures shows that [...]