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Knowledge Without Wisdom: Phaethon and Technocracy by Jay

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In our emergent technocracy we are submerged in a sea of knowledge.  Modern wonders reach their apex in the readily-available stores of knowledge at anyone’s fingertips.  Given this seemingly magical commodity was heretofore unknown to vast swaths of now dead humanity, one would [...]

How Tesla’s Planetary Energy Transmitter Really Works

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Tesla's WardenClyffe project is one of the most promising in all of human history. It is also one of the least understood, thanks to  disinformation and outright suppression. Now two brilliant young inventors from Russia explain it to us in clear terms [...]

The Sacred Number Seven by H.P. Blavatksy

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A DEEP significance was attached to numbers in hoary antiquity. There was not a people with anything like philosophy, but gave great prominence to numbers in their application to religious observances, the establishment of festival days, symbols, dogmas, and even the geographical distribution [...]

Is there a Lost Cave City in the Grand Canyon ?

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Did an ancient civilization live in caves below the Grand Canyon? This is as vague a statement as wondering why some of the ancient Mesoamerican people depicted their gods as white men or the Olmec gods looked African. Stretching the imagination ... perhaps whatever was found [...]

Who Really Burned the Library of Alexandria… by Preston Chesser

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The loss of the ancient world's single greatest archive of knowledge, the Library of Alexandria, has been lamented for ages. But how and why it was lost is still a mystery. The mystery exists not for lack of suspects but from an [...]

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