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A Geometrical Theory of the Aether Utilizing Tetrahedrons

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"Tetryonics takes quantized energy and angular momenta, which is normally expressed in the form of Planck's Constant, and says there is one form with two properties either side of that one form. The form being an equilateral triangle and the two properties being positive and negative charge. Any neutral energy quanta, or triangle will have a [...]

Ingo Swann – The Grandfather of Remote Viewing

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"Since 1970, Ingo Swann has worked with over 38 cutting-edge researchers in the fields of parapsychology and cognitive perception, with an additional 14 projects governed by nondisclosure agreements.   By HoloFractal Explorer His early 1970-1972 work with parapsychology researchers based in New York produced results that attracted international attention and acclaim. By 1973, with thousands [...]

Stanislav Grof – Psychedelic Renaissance Researcher

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A pioneer in the field of consciousness. Stan is one of the deepest researchers the field has ever known. - Holofractual Explorer Many of Grof's accomplishments include: "Developed theory and practice of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and described it in his book LSD Psychotherapy, which has been until this day the only comprehensive treatise on this subject. [...]

Eidetic Geocentrism

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CELESTA MOBILIS Quantitative inertial science has built for itself a grand theory which supposedly explains all the observed celestial movements. Modern astronomy satisfies itself by explaining that certain fundamen­tally observed celestial movements are optical perspectives resulting from earth rotation and revolution. Quantitative inertial science explains the ec­centric planetary sky courses as complex perspectives which result [...]

Two Engineers’ Access the QED

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The Quantum Energy Generator has been getting alot of people excited lately. They have released open sourced plans for it and many are studying them. Now more and more questions are being asked. Is it really a "free energy" machine? Does it work? How hard is it to build? Have they shown a working demo? [...]


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The organization of any biological system is established by a complex electrodynamic field which is, in part, determined by its atomic physiochemical components and which, in part, determines the behavior and orientation of these components. The holographic model of reality emerging from this principle may provide a scientific explanation of psychoenergetic phenomena. The pattern or [...]

Color, Healing the Substance of the Soul

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 ”Colour and Healing” is dedicated to Hugh Leon Sprinck in gratitude for his helpful collaboration. What is colour?  Nothing less than the substance of the soul.  Just as the substances of the body are mineral, water, air and warmth, so the substance of the soul is colour.  Normal perception can reveal this in the extremes [...]

How Tesla Coils Work By Tom Hartsfield

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Tesla is seen in the background studying showing off. (Photo: Wikimedia) Picture a reclusive man, dripping sweat all night in a dark lab, illuminated only by crackling sparks that leap from enormous machines and cast a purple glow across his face. This is Nikola Tesla, the archetype of the mad scientist. His inventions fill the [...]