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Tesla’s Dynamic Theory of Gravity

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Nikola Tesla's most suppressed work was his theory of gravity. The lecture which he delivered to the New York Immigrant Society was meant to be a treasure for all mankind. All public copies have been destroyed. Only one researcher, William Lyne has dared to bring it to our attention. The following is an excerpt from [...]

Tesla’s Most Suppressed Quote

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"Explaining the Workings of the Universe without recognizing the existence of the ether is futile." - Nikola Tesla Tesla had moved beyond electrical engineering to Aetheric engineering and threatened the very billionaires he had made rich. Tesla was not the type to back down and got buried. Source: Page Special Evening Session: [...]

The Moral Roots of the Climate Crisis by Dennis Klocek

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This is the last chapter in "The Harmonies of Storms" Dennis'  PDF eBook on the Music of the spheres; Harmony in climate change. In his widely acclaimed movie, An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore concludes that the climate crisis is in reality a moral crisis. Just what does that mean? How is morality, traditionally a soul [...]

The Golden Ration – An Elementary Look

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The golden ratio (symbol is the Greek letter "phi" shown at left)is a special number approximately equal to 1.618It appears many times in geometry, art, architecture and other areas. The Idea Behind It If you divide a line into two parts so that: the longer part divided by the smaller part is also equal to the [...]

The Uncommitted Investigator by Daniel

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Somewhere along the line, that which is true is being made to appear false, because that which is false is accepted as truth. —Dewey Larson Larson's quote nicely sums up the current world situation, regardless of the field of study, whether it be science,1 mathematics,2 religion,3 politics or the Great Pumpkin.4 One of the first questions [...]

1000 Years ahead / The Spectro-Chrome Color Healing System – Part 1 by Mark Fischer

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A brief explanation…part 1 At the turn of the nineteenth century Dinshah P Gadiali spent over twenty years of research perfecting his Spectro-Chrome color healing system before marketing his first color machine in 1923.This system was successfully used in doctor’s offices, hospitals and lay persons homes throughout the United States for more than twenty years before [...]

Sounds and Colors of the Elements

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Each and every element has it's own unique sound and it's own unique spectral color graph. What we know as chemistry today is the study of change in matter. To study change in matter we must know what matter actually is and how it is created. The model of the aether has been buried for [...]