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We analyse the normal so that we may know the difference between it and the abnormal. — Dr Ruth Drown Radionics was founded by Dr Albert Abrams (1863–1924), a native of San Francisco, under the original name of ERA—Electronic Reactions of Abrams. A highly qualified conventional practitioner with an illustrious career and also the advantage [...]

Rupert Sheldrake Speaks

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The last month has been exceptionally busy, and I have travelled far more than usual. I went a conference on the physics, chemistry and biology of water in Bulgaria, spoke at two universities in Vienna, and took part in a symposium on unexplained phenomena at the Austrian Defence Academy. A few days later I went [...]

The Music of the Spheres, or the Metaphysics of Music by Robert Kelly

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“[In] sound itself, there is a readiness to be ordered by the spirit and this is seen at its most sublime in music.” —Max Picard Despite the popular Romantic conception of creative artists as inspired madmen, composers are not idiots savants, distilling their musical inspiration from the ether. Rather, in their creative work they respond [...]

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Inventor’s Diary: “Failing to Learn” Making good use of the Scientific Method

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How the scientific method helps me solve things that are unknown. Hi Everyone, I will demonstrate just how using the scientific method helps answer questions. Here is the question or problem I had, "How did Meyer wire up those nine VIC transformers to the Exciter Array that only had two leads going into it?" Here you [...]

The long road towards learning just how Stanley A. Meyer made use of water as a source of fuel.

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First and foremost I give God all the credit as Job 38:22-23 was written way before my time and God seems to always find a way to communicate to me through my dreams. Plus I ask him to do this as I felt it was something I could do for the Lord. Looking back now [...]