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Kozyrev’s Mirrors – Bending Time & Altering Consciousness

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Kozyrev's mirrors open up those enclosed in them to new perceptions. Those enclosed within these specially shaped concave aluminum mirrors have out of body experiences and see visions that far exceed even LSD. The Russians have done immense research on Kozyrev's mirrors. [...]

Tesla and the Science Cops by Eugene Mallove

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There is nothing better that the science police at CSICOP (“the science cops”—“Committee for the Scientific Investigation of the Claims of the Paranormal”) love to hate than what they can only dimly understand. It is therefore not surprising that CSICOP, based in wintery Buffalo, New York The Science [...]

Tesla & the Aether by Eugene Mallove

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What did Tesla think of the Aether? In a seminal talk before the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) in May 1891 at Columbia College in New York City, Tesla spoke these telling words: “Of all the forms of nature’s immeasurable, all-pervading energy, which ever and ever [...]

Sir William Crookes – Nikola Tesla’s Mentor

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Sir William Crookes was a giant among researchers. The son of 16 children of moderate means he rose to the heights of the science world and inspired an entire generation. When Tesla's friends disappeared only Crookes stood beside him. It was Sir [...]

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A Ridiculously Brief History of Electricity and Magnetism

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900 BC - Magnus, a Greek shepherd, walks across a field of black stones which pull the iron nails out of his sandals and the iron tip from his shepherd’s staff (authenticity not guaranteed). This region becomes known as Magnesia. 600 BC - Thales [...]

The Return of Spectro-Chrome: The Most Suppressed Medical Technology Ever

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They showed up ten strong, a full fledged FBI squad, and on the cold morning of July 14 1951 proceeded to lay out each and every one of the strange machines in Mr. Dinshah's clinic on his lawn. With Sledge hammers they [...]

Inventor’s Diary – Ed Mitchell’s True Green Solutions at the Gobal Break Through Energy Movement Conference

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My partner and I started off with a bunch of unknowns as things just weren't working for either of us leading up to the event. I just got the wire I needed to wind the Voltage Intensifier Circuit (VIC) transformers on Saturday [...]

What we have Forgotten about Projective Geometry

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The ideas of counterspace and projective geometry and explored here with brilliant depth. These concepts are absolutely critical to the expansion of Aetheric Science. ------------------------------------ By: George Adams, MA (Cantab) Reprinted by permission from the British Homeopathic Journal Vol.78 No.2 April 1989 INTRODUCTION [...]

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