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The ReDiscovery of Vril – The Lost Interview of Gerry Vassilatos that ties it all Together

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Gerry Vassilatos is the researcher that took Tesla from myth to fact and showed us what his real work was and why he was really erased from the history books. "I have been blessed to work with many of the finest researchers in the aetheric sciences, but of them all the finest was Gerry Vassilatos" [...]

Electret Experiments Update – Verbelli is in Da Lab

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In July we published an article on Electrets and how vital they are to advancing the search for "free energy". We got a big bogged down in some drama and couldn't experiment but one amazing researcher has gone all the way and is already into his fourth iteration of electret research. Jason Vewrbelli doesn't [...]

Eurgene Mallove – Hero and Martyr of the Aetheric Revolution

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Eugene Mallove started off as a "traditional scientist" and quickly became an Aether Mage... he died in a freak accident. Cold Fusion exploded in the 80's and was quickly labeled a fraud in a violent propaganda campaign. Since then it has been left to rot away in America while being pursued by China, [...]

Exposing the Misunderstood issues of Nuclear Radiation by Galen Winsor

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Prepare to have your whole world turned upside down. Only the bravest proceed.... Galen Winsor is a nuclear physicist of renown who worked at, and helped design, nuclear power plants in Hanford, WA; Oak Ridge, TN; Morris, IL, San Jose, CA; Wimington, NJ. Among his positions of expertise he was in charge of measuring and [...]

Expanding Earth Theory

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Is the Earth Growing? There is overwhelming scientific evidence that it has been expanding and that plate tectonics is a fraud. The Bible, job, Quran and Vedas also say the earth can or has expanded. You be the judge.... Many metaphysicians and scientists believe that our universe is expanding, so based on the [...]

Sonic Geometry – The Connection between Sound and Geometry

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What is the connection between sound, geometry, cosmology and electricity? A truly ground break short film which makes astounding connections between all the major schools of basic science. Musicians and artists MUST watch this and they will quickly realize that they ARE scientists. Ever want to HEAR the Flower of Life?   [...]

Ecological Farming – PermaCulture 101

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Permaculture, ecological farming, is the art and science of optimizing and transforming landscapes for maximum life. Permaculture is beautiful and functional. The arrangement of water, plants and dwellings just makes you feel good looking at it. Ancient civilizations have practiced permaculture for ages only to have this knowledge swept away by the industrial [...]

The Man Who Brought us the Truth of Tesla’s Work: Gerry Vassilatos

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"Of all The Researchers I have ever worked with.. Gerry Vassilatos had gone the deepest" - Thomas Joseph Brown Big words from Tom Brown, a man who has met nearly every single one of the greatest researchers of our era. Gerry Vassilatos is the true warrior scholar of our times. He spent several years in [...]

The Book Binder’s Apprentice who Changed the World, Michael Faraday

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A simple apprentice Book Binder... a poor boy from poor parents, yet his thirst for knowledge was rich and the Force guided him to discoveries beyond his wildest dreams or the wildest dreams of even the King of England and the richest men of the time. Faraday got his start as a young boy [...]