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Issac Newton – Father of Physics, Hardcore Alchemist and Aether Mage

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Could it be possible that the original icon of physics could have dabbled in the occult art of alchemy? More than dabble, Issac Newton left  behind a series of over 130 manuscripts on alchemy. Newton had a full scale alchemic laboratory in [...]

How Pollen Sticks to Bees – Static Electricity

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  Bees cross pollinating flowers and plants is the reason for the majority of vegetable life on earth and this all life. This is yet another process that is primarily due to static electricity. In this photo we can see the bee [...]

Unlocking the Power of Water – The Mission of Viktor Schauberger

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Water is the key to life on earth. A common substance and critical to an understanding of the aether, water is so little understood considering how vital it is. Viktor Schauberger was descended from a long line of forrest caretakers and dedicated his life [...]

Radio Wave Treated Water Produces 30% bigger plants

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Tesla always said that the secrets to the universe were in frequency and vibration. The science of how vibration can heal and enhance life was huge in the early 1900's. Long since suppressed it is now making a comeback as something new. [...]

The Very Real Power of Static Electricity

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"When science begins to experiment with non physical phenomena it will make more progress in a decade than all it's previous centuries combined." -Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla was talking about that one aspect of electricity that is closest to the aether, what [...]

The suppressed Aether knowledge in the Eastern World

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There are two well known patterns for suppression of knowledge, preventing the knowledge to be spread, and if that strategy fails, the second pattern starts, disinformation, this is what we encounter today in this fields or both at same time. We well [...]

Space Weather Tutorial – How to Watch the Sun VIDEO

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The sun is one of the main elements that controls the weather of space and thus the entire magnetic field of the earth. Early in the dawn of the electrical age a massive solar flare utterly devastated the worlds fledgling electrical grid. We have [...]

Edward LeedSkalnin and the Mystery of Coral Castle

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The mystery of Ed Leedskalnin and how he built Coral Castle is one of the enduring mysteries of our time. How a lone immigrant from Estonia living in Florida could construct his own castle out of 30 ton blocks cut from the [...]

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