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Introducing the Primer Fields

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A groundbreaking series that reveals the invisible geometry of the Aether. The creator of this amazing series of videos had to stop from repeated abuse. The shills came out in droves to stop him and they finally wore him out. Perhaps we can convince him to finish this masterwork.... Note I like quite a few [...]

The Extreme Electrical Potential of Water

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We have not yet begun to unlock the mysteries of water. A brilliant experiment first performed by Lord Kelvin shows how a battery of extremely high voltages can be made with running water and soup cans. 10,000-30,000 volts can be produced. Ana amazing potential difference that will produce sparks.. yet very little current... Can anyone [...]

The Structure of Water and It’s Interaction with Light

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Dr. Gerald Pollack goes deep into the structure of water. The power of light to order and structure water holds limit potential. Water is a natural transducer of light. The process responsible for all life on earth has not been seriously studied for the past 100 years.. until now. More details here Pollack goes [...]

Lab Requirement – How to Build a Variable DC High Voltage Power Supply

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High Voltage is where all Tesla Work leads to. Every Lab needs a high voltage DC power supply. One that be changed, lower to higher is best. High Voltage DC is needed for many interesting experiments Anti Gravity Lift Experiments Radiant Energy Experiments HHO Cells Tesla Coils First it is a good idea to begin by [...]

Magnetic Rotating Vortexes

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Are Magnetic Fields Static? According to reality.. no. they are not. Quantum Physics cannot explain magnetism, they wish it didn't exist. The field that magnetic fields put out is not static, it is moving in a rotating vortex motion. so much for the laws of conservation of energy... This goes for every magnet in existence [...]

A New Look at Tesla BiFilar Coil

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Telsla's BiFilar Coil appears in many of his patents. When you look at the patent it just seems like a clever way to double the turns in the coil without making more turns manually. This could all just be a ruse  by Tesla to hide it's true power as some kind of aetheric harvester/ capacitor. ... [...]

Shape Power and the Return of Common Sense Aether Science

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The power of certain geometric shapes to focus the aether and channel energy has been well known by ancient civilizations and highly suppressed by quantum physics. There are many examples of shape power. Sharpening razor blades with pyramids Tesla's Cone Shaped Flat coils Les Brown using tetrahedron shapes to turn zinc into calcium and then aluminum [...]

Electrets – Permanent Electrical Magnets

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Imagine if you could create an object that would give off a permanent static electric field? Well you can. They are called electrets. Just like a magnet gives off a permanent magnetic field and electret gives off a permanent static electrical field. The process was discovered by the greatest experimenter of all time, Michael Faraday but the [...]

Cold Fusion Cracked? HHO Experiment Breakdown Guide

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The Secret to Cold Fusion... has it been cracked? We shall only know if we jump into the experiment. Hydrogen production via electrolysis in water has been proven to work and can run all engines very well. The key is in making the process more efficient. Arend Lammertink thinks he has it figured out. If we [...]

The True Story of Tesla’s Greatest Discovery Radiant Matter

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Tesla's Greatest Discovery is shrouded in more mystery than nearly any other human innovation in all history. Gerry Vassilatos dedicated the first Chapter of his land mark book to this subject. His book has been viscously suppressed and is known to only true Tesla engineers. Yet even among them few realize how vital this information [...]