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The Galaxy Being – Everything is Electro Magnetic

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One of the very best sci fi episodes of any series ever is "the Galaxy Being" You can watch it free on by clicking the picture. The Sci Fi of the 40's and 50's was deep and far ahead of it's time The Galaxy Being is the first episode of the Outer [...]

Beginners Electricity Lab Starting Guide

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Starting your very own Tesla Lab is made much easier when you know what gear you shall need. We're all in this process of learning together so let's share our research and experience in everything, no matter how small. It all helps. Each of these items I have ordered myself and can vouch for their [...]

The First Book Every Aether Scientist MUST Read. Etheric Formative Forces

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The First Book You Must Read to Understand the Aether and Natural Science This long lost treasure has been out of print for over 80 years. I found a copy in the Yale Library and had it sent to New York where I spent weeks reading and rereading it. This book will answer questions that [...]

The Boy Electrician – The Best Lab Guide for Beginners

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  A truly excellent volume that takes us through the advances of electrical science one step at a time and from the very beginning. It is written for young boys but as a middle aged budding new scientist I found it to be the best book I have yet found to guide a raw new [...]

The Art of Deep Study – 13 Tips for Reading Comprehension

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In a world where lies are the rule those who seek truth must first master the art of deep study. Reviving Science is no simple task. The physics of the aether and all it's associated phenomena composes the very fabric of our world. This is knowledge that holds infinite possibilities and limitless power. Those who [...]

Electricity and Electronic Tutorials List

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Having a good grasp of the fundamentals of Electricity is critical for us raw beginners. The below tutorials are the best we have found thus far. If you know of more, Please comment Basic Tutorial Videos - Experiments - Radio experiments Old US Department of Defense Tutorials from the 50's.  These are GOLD Electricity [...]

Dutch Engineer may have the Missing Link To Hydrogen Cell Efficiency

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HHO Cell technology allows us to use ordinary tap water instead of gasoline. All gas engines on the planet could be converted to this system if only the efficiency could be improved. The process work by running an electrical current through water. This splits up the H20 molecule into two hydrogen and one oxgen atom or into [...]