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How Vacuum Tubes Work

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Vacuum tubes are critical to Tesla's/Dollard work because only they can handle the incredibly high voltages required. Regular transistors would simply explode under the load. Vacuum tubes alos require special power supplies. An excellent technical summary of which power supplies are best for vacuum tubes and why can be found here.  Center tap transformers are also [...]

Farnsworth & the Suppression of Fusion

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Philo T Farnsworth II was one of American's greatest inventors. He invented the worlds first television when he was 17 years old, beating out RCA, the worlds biggest radio corporation, something that no one ever thought possible. The story of Farnsworth is the story of the suppression of energy technologies in America. No conspiracy theory, [...]

A Collection of Tesla’s Writings

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Tesla's own words must be heard. Here is a collection of Tesla writings as PDF files free and simple for download. Colorado Springs Notes Three lectures His Court hearing interviews which were published be Leland Anderson and contain an enormous amount of information in a VERY readable from even for laymen. Note: Tesla talks [...]

The Defiance of Nikola Tesla

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Nikola Tesla went far beyond electricity. He ventured into the engineering of the underlying field of force behind electricity, gravity and all non-physical phenomena. He was the first Aetheric Engineer and this is what scared the bankers above all else. Tesla made clear the extreme power the Aether held and how it would save humanity. [...]

The Truth About Conductors. Electricity runs through the Dielectric not the Wire

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We at Aetherforce are strongly against one of the biggest misconceptions of electricity, that electricity flows through wires. It does not, more like the exact opposite. Benjamin Franklin said the same thing and this truth is proven in the following experiment by MIT - The perpetual motion holder magnet design of Edward Leedskalnin also proves [...]

Wilhelm Reich, Orgone Energy and the Aether

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Reich is one of the most suppressed Scientists of all time and an Aether Mage of a high level. He escaped from Nazi Germany only to have his books burned and be sent to prison and brutally killed... in the USA! His book Contact from Space remains one of the most suppressed and BANNED books [...]

The Aether Peer Reviewed and Proven

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The Aether has been peer reviewed and proven many times. The shills and trolls paid to suppress the work of Tesla and the Aether will scream "Michealson Morley Experiments" like a religious chant to shut down dialogue but there were far more experiments done afterwards that proved the existence of the Aether, all of whom [...]

Nikola Tesla’s Greatest Discovery

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THE TRUTH.. Finally! Most Tesla fans only know about this AC motor. While his AC motor allowed the AC grid to prevail over DC and launched him to super stardom, his greatest discovery made everything else pale by comparison and was the reason why he was dragged down by the bankers and forever suppressed. Tesla [...]

Electrical Engineer Overturns Einstein’s Theory After 97 Years

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An excellent article written by Arend Lammertink: original article here Last week the newspapers were filled with the discovery of "impossible" particles traveling faster than the speed of light. A month ago an "impossible" star was discovered and earlier the Pioneer space probes alsorefused to adhere to the law. This way, the scientific establishment will slowly but surely be forced to [...]