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Charles Steinmetz, The Little Hero

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Charles Proteus Steinmetz was just as responsible for our Electric grid as Nikola Tesla yet he gets even less credit. Steinmetz was the inspiration for Igor and played a role on par with Tesla in the creation of the electrical grid. He was a deformed hunchback dwarf with an amazing capacity for math that solved [...]

New Take on the MWO Healing Antenna

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The MWO, multiwave oscillator, was a device created by Georges Lakhovsky’s in the 30's. It was supposed to provide healing benefits using radionics, the use of radio waves to heal. Radionics was discovered by Tesla and Lakhovsky’s sought Tesla's help with it. According to Eric, Lakhovsky’s never wired it correctly and below is Eric's take on this device. [...]

Music of the Magnetosphere

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Eric's friend, Stephen P. McGreevy, has put together a comprehensive website, Music of the Magnetosphere, which hosts a multitude of recordings of the Aurora Borealis electrical activity. Stephen had to drive to remote locations to be able to get some of the recordings due to the noise level of all of the wireless transmission going [...]